A staple to my leg

I suppose a uniform comes with my job. So does equipment, vehicles, weapons, & skills. We are taught to maintain every aspect of our appearance & issued belongings.

Water, however, is an understated part of my uniform. To be honest, in my earlier training years, sometimes I took it for granted. I did happen to think about water every single day. I either should’ve, could’ve, or did drink water. Especially with being in the military, I’d get those regretting moments when I chose not to take advantage of a water break.

The ramifications of not drinking water gradually appeared in such a way that affected my physical & mental self. It happened gradually as I got dehydrated. First came body weakness, & then I’ve lost my train of though 3 times within 1 minute of trying to put a thought together.

Water. So simple & easily accessible. Which also adds to the fact that it’s an essential part of life, yet it’s so taken for granted. God has blessed us with clean water that plays a very essential part in our existence. There are countries, with either low or no supply of potable waters.

Being in the military only amplifies the regrets & symptoms for lack of appreciation.

I’d see people fainting because of dehydration. I would feel faint just sitting on the sidelines observing as they’re being helped by medics. There’s also the heat of the sun that crushes & tears down the body.

I have begun paving my road to making it a habit to make more positive thoughts, & experiences with water for myself. I mean seriously… for my health, for my family, for the sake of being the water needing human God created.

Especially during my military service… summers peak very high numbers in Texas. I’m going to need water to be a buddy strapped right next to my uniform somehow.